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The Way Of A Leader
Character Building
- Guard against greed
- Be frugal and diligent
- Refrain from anger
- Emulate good deeds
- Correcting our own mistakes
Be Respectful of Relatives
Be Respectful of Wise and Able Ministers
Be Receptive to Counsels from Ministers
Be Averse to Slanderous and Malevolent Advice
Be Perceptive and Astute
The Art Of A Minister
Uphold Integrity
Serve with Utmost Loyalty
Presenting Counsels
Nominating the Right Administrators
Esteeming Virtues
Be Respectful of the Dao
Filial Piety and Kinship
Benevolence and Righteousness
Be Sincere and Trustworthy
Righting Oneself
Be Discreet
Making Friends
The Art of Learning
On The Subject Of Administration
Engaging the Principles
Good Judge of Character
Appointing Officials
Paramount Impartiality
Teach and Transform
Propriety and Music
Caring about People
The Livelihood of People
Learn from the Past
The Basis of Principles
Reward and Punishment
Law and Statute
Be Careful With Military Actions
Generals and Soldiers
Respectfully Cautious
Taking Precautions
Social Customs
Conquering Chaos
Heedful of Troubling Signs
Making Correct Response
Exercise Caution from the Beginning to the End
Maintaining Good Health
Good or Evil
Human Sentiments
Talents and Virtues
Formation of Cliques
Differences that Matter
Cause and Effect

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The Way Of A Leader > Refrain from anger

Before a ban has been stated clearly by the govern-
ment, severe punishments were enforced to suppress disorderliness. Before a well-planned military strategy has been devised, the armed forces were deployed in full force to invade a neighboring country. Is this not like cutting down the crops in order to destroy the locusts; or chopping down trees to get rid of infestations of worms or bugs; or swallowing poison in order to kill lice and fleas; or tearing down a house in order to chase away sparrows and rats?

Scroll 50: Bao Pu Zi

Thus, a sage ruler always has the welfare of the people at heart. He would never wage a personal vendetta at the expense of public justice.

Scroll 17: Han Shu, Vol. 5


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