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Zhong-gong asked about benevolence
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If there is one word that you should
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He who does not love his parents but
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When filial children serve their parents
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Our bodies, to every hair and every
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If one were able to perfect his filial
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One who does not cultivate good
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Sages have no selfish desires
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Be warned! Do not talk too much
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When a sage lost sight of the truth
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If a person had the talent and
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A superior person is always humble
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Respond to anger with virtue
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When a leader’s personal conduct
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When I walk along with others
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Thus, to cultivate oneself in
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A superior person uses three object lessons
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Birds will peck when they are desperate
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The leader who has caused the downfall
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If everyone in the country is fighting
300dpi Download:741

There are three thousand offenses
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The problem with most people is that
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In ancient times, people were appointed
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Being disrespectful and playing pranks
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Paying respect and making offerings
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A superior person whose daily life
300dpi Download:640

The functions of propriety include
300dpi Download:636

The difference between human beings
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If you are planning for one year
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A good student is dutiful
300dpi Download:688

Education is “Whatever people
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People by nature were born good and pure
300dpi Download:691

When a sage ruler committed a mistake
300dpi Download:710

The sages are like creditors
300dpi Download:590

Natural disasters can be averted
300dpi Download:666

Life or death, fortune or misfortune
300dpi Download:695

The Divine being will not bestow
300dpi Download:668

Potential rebels would reveal
300dpi Download:649

If you do not understand the son
300dpi Download:653

A superior person is
300dpi Download:674

Stay close to the virtuous
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A piece of writing should not be
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The Duke of Zhou told his son Boqin
300dpi Download:716

I have heard that loyalty
300dpi Download:675

A ruler imposing virtuous principles
300dpi Download:655

Why is it that a leade
300dpi Download:691

A superior person conceals
300dpi Download:652

A superior person perfects
300dpi Download:727

A superior person may hold
300dpi Download:693

Maintaining a tranquil spirit
300dpi Download:638

In order to stay healthy
300dpi Download:745

Nurturing children at an early age
300dpi Download:688

If people were as careful
300dpi Download:656

Zixia was appointed as the magistrate
300dpi Download:635

For a superior person
300dpi Download:643

A superior person must calm
300dpi Download:644

If a man takes no thought about
300dpi Download:667

Insightful people can anticipate
300dpi Download:629

Do not let arrogance grow
300dpi Download:634

A family that accumulates many good
300dpi Download:662

The deployment of military forces is
300dpi Download:669

Barren land with thorn bushes
300dpi Download:620

Try using benevolent means first
300dpi Download:662

For those who bring benefits to the world
300dpi Download:653

The world is not a world for one
300dpi Download:709

If oratorical skills become the standard
300dpi Download:647

Our personal biases may impede us
300dpi Download:670

I have three precious things
300dpi Download:660

When the people are careful
300dpi Download:631

Misery—happiness is to be found by its side
300dpi Download:670

Simple honesty is better
300dpi Download:656

The ancients said
300dpi Download:660

Man takes his law
300dpi Download:658

A house full of gold
300dpi Download:655

A leader who brings greatness
300dpi Download:660

Once upon a time
300dpi Download:648

Reprimand yourself harshly
300dpi Download:659

Craving for visual splendor
300dpi Download:654

Hence, a ruler who can ruin a country
300dpi Download:683

Every day I reflect upon three things
300dpi Download:697

A superior person concerns
300dpi Download:680

Filial piety is the foundation
300dpi Download:648

People constitute
300dpi Download:732

Confucius said
300dpi Download:646

A superior person
300dpi Download:709

Never tire of learning
300dpi Download:702

There are three kinds of friendship
300dpi Download:700

Zengzi said
300dpi Download:1656

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